Health is a game mechanic in Watch Dogs, Watch Dogs: Bad Blood, and Watch Dogs 2.


Health is the amount of damage the player can take before they die. Falling small distances, getting shot, or being hit by a car can damage the player and the screen will become tinted in red when the damage occurs. When the player is seriously injured, the screen's edges will be heavily covered in blood-looking effects and heatbeat sounds will be heard. The player's health always self-heals after a few seconds, so after a while these effects will subside, unless further damage is inflicted while injured.

Long term injuries such as falling long distances, getting shot in the head or chest, or being run over at fast speeds will instantly kill the player, and they will respawn elsewhere. In Watch Dogs, any explosions or Steam Pipes will instantly kill the player, unless the Blast Resistance upgrade is purchased. Being hit by the Train will also result in an instant death.

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