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Haum’s Dirty Laundry
Haum's Dirty laundry
Driver SF Mission
Game Watch Dogs 2
Unlocks N/A
Followers Gained 6600-11000
Money Gained $2880-$9600
Difficulty Star Star Shaded Star Shaded Star Shaded Star Shaded

Haum’s Dirty Laundry is a Driver SF mission in Watch Dogs 2.


Pick Elena up. Follow the GPS route, optionally taking the ramp down the hill. Drive to the clothing store while Elena complains. When you arrive, wait for the phone call from Elena’s boss.

Then drive her immediately to the WKZ TV station, drop her off, and conclude the mission. Choose a fast car, use vehicle boost, and don’t crash too often for a guaranteed five-star rating.


  • 1. Ahed Housing Complex, northeast of Sutro Tower, San Francisco.
  • 2. William Finn Clothing Store, four blocks east of Embarcadero, San Francisco.
  • 3. WKZ Studios, San Francisco.


  • Pick up the client.
  • Drive Elena to the Clothes Store.
  • Drive Elena to the WKZ Station.

Starting Conditions

Condition Requirement
Complete Mission Main Operation: Haum Sweet Haum
Night or Day Both

Possible Rating Drop

Condition Rating Loss?
Civilians Killed No
Vehicle Collisions Yes
Chases Started No
Minimum Safe Speed Below 10 km/h; Yes
Maximum Safe Speed No
Vehicle Flipped No
Vehicle Airborne No