Hacking Contract
Hacking Contract
Story Mission
Game Watch Dogs
Part of story Act 1, Mission 6
Target 2XTheTap
Unlocked by completing Backstage Pass
Unlocks Backseat Driver
What the hell? A fixer? I must have made too much noise in The Loop. This guy's found me. Well, now I better find him.

Hacking Contract is the sixth storyline mission in Watch Dogs. It introduces the player to Online Hacking.


While heading towards a parking area in The Loop to start a driving contract for Jordi Chin, Aiden suddenly gets hacked by a fixer. Having managed to track him, Aiden goes to the area, and uses the Profiler system to find the Fixer before he can hack his data. Eventually Aiden identifies his target, going by the alias 2XTheTap, and takes him down. Aiden then suggests to track a Fixer through the Online Hacking system. The player is then given two choices: should the player chooses an Online Contract, he will be attempting to hack an online player; should the player quit the application, Aiden will state that he will be taking care of this later. Either way, he then goes back to his mission for Jordi.

Mission objectives

  • Find 2XTheTap.
  • Kill 2XTheTap before he evades.
  • Access the Online Contract App.


  • Although this mission can be played in Offline Mode, the Focus ability will not slow down time. However, its graphical effect remains visible.



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