Guys Like Us
Guys Like Us
Story Mission
Game Watch Dogs
Part of story Act 5, Mission 1 1/2
Target Maurice Vega
Unlocked by completing Sometimes You Still Lose
You here to finish it off? Clean up the loose ends? I knew you'd be back. Guys like us, we don't know when to stop.
Maurice Vega

Guys Like Us is the epilogue mission of Watch Dogs. If counted as a mission, it is the second and final mission of Act V, and the final mission of Watch Dogs.

Mission Plot

Jordi calls Aiden following the events at the lighthouse and informs him of the location of Maurice. Aiden reaches a small garage in the north west of the Mad Mile where Maurice is waiting. Having abandoned all hope, Maurice relates to Aiden that there's no way out for guys like them, and begs him to just kill him already and get it over with.

The player is then given the choice to either shoot Maurice or walk away. If they choose to spare him, Aiden says to himself that Maurice was a victim in all this as well, living in his own hell, and that now both men could have a second chance at life. If the player chooses to kill Maurice, they must shoot him in the head, but as soon as the player presses the trigger, the screen immediately goes to black and the credits roll.

Mission Objectives

  • Walk away or shoot Maurice.


  • After saying all his dialogue, Maurice begins to mumble the first four numbers of the Fibonacci Sequence (1, 2, 3, 5). After hearing Angela Balik's Audio Logs, it can be concluded that Maurice was one of many citizens affected by Angela's test of the Bellwether code.
  • The P-9mm is the only weapon in Aiden's inventory during this mission and the aiming reticule will automatically aim for Maurice's head.
  • Pressing the button to open the profiler in this mission will provide no on-screen effect, making it impossible to profile Maurice during this mission.


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