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Goodbye, World Shotgun
Slot Close-quarter
Weapon Type Full-Auto Shotgun
Damage Highest
Fire Rate Medium+
Range Lowest
Stability Lowest-
Reload Speed Medium+
Ammo Capacity 12 per magazine
Price $43,200 (3D Printer)
Appears in Watch Dogs 2
A shotgun designed to annihilate everything in its way with custom buckshot ammo and full-auto firing mode.
―In-game description.

The Goodbye, World Shotgun is a weapon in Watch Dogs 2


It is a heavily modified shotgun that resembles the SG-90, with a long barrel, an attached drum magazine and no stock, able to fire buckshot ammo in a quick firing mode.

The weapon is devastating at close ranges and has a fairly amount of rounds to take out an enemy, but its potential is reduced if the target is far away. Its low stability means it will miss the target too often, unless the player is standing next to the target.


  • Full Auto Trigger: Fires in full-auto mode.
  • Ultra Buckshot: Each round contains extra pellets.


  • By purpose and rounds per magazine, it is the equivalent of the ATSG-12 from Watch Dogs.


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