Slot Primary
Weapon Type Burst-Fire Assault Rifle (WD1)
Full-Auto Assault Rifle (WD2)
Weapon Rating Star Star Star Star Star Shaded
Damage Medium
Fire Rate Medium/High
Range High
Stability High
Reload Speed Medium
Ammo Capacity 30|360
Price $15,000 (WD1)
$64,800 (WD2)
Appears in Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs: Bad Blood
Watch Dogs 2
The Goblin is a brutally efficient, maneuverable assault rifle with a large ammunition capacity.
Watch Dogs In-game description

The Goblin is an assault rifle that appears in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.


The assault rifle's design is based on that of the POF P416 assault rifle. The in-game model features the 266.7mm (10.5 in) barrel option. Similar to the real life basis, the assault rifle features a highly vented hand-guard, to reduce the possibility of barrel overheating. The hand-guard is four-sided and has integrated pica-tinny rails on each side. The model's body is coated with the black anodized finish.


Watch Dogs

The in-game model is burst-fire, thus giving relatively low sustained fire duration in comparison with full-auto assault rifles. The gun is chambered for the use of 5.56×45mm NATO cartridges, offering moderate damage. Compared to the ACR, the Goblin is capable of a relatively high rate of fire, but its burst-fire makes it a hard-to-use gun. This can be easily exchanged with the AK-47 or MP5, but if you can use it, it is a killer in medium range, and if you can headshot enemies, it is capable of long ranges too.

Watch Dogs 2

The weapon remains the same as in Watch Dogs, only it is now full automatic, giving the gun more recoil in sustained fire. The Goblin is still as good as its Watch Dogs counterpart, so if the player uses it in short bursts, it can be very useful for medium/long-range assaults.


Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs 2

  • SFPD SWAT operatives, as well as Umeni security guards, use this weapon.
  • Used by Elites of various gangs.
  • As of patch 1.08, it can be printed at any 3D Printer for $64,800, but cannot be painted.



  • The Goblin was also featured in four other Ubisoft games: Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4, Splinter Cell Blacklist and Ghost Recon Future Soldier.
  • Strangely, in Watch Dogs, if enemies use this weapon, it fires automatically instead of burst-fire rounds. This is a developer oversight.


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