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Watch Dogs Funny Silly Crazy Stuff ( Bugs & Glitches Montage )09:41

Watch Dogs Funny Silly Crazy Stuff ( Bugs & Glitches Montage )

A video uploaded by MrEdxwx, showing some bugs and glitches in the game.

Glitches and bugs are unintentional features in Watch Dogs.


A glitch, otherwise known as a "bug" or "fault", is an error in the game that produces an effect that was unintended by programmers. Some can be exploited to gain advantages over other players and may be caused by severe lag. Using glitches to get an advantage is often considered cheating. Glitches can also be unintentional and cause minor or even severe problems for the player.

It should also be noted that glitches and hacks are different things, the latter requiring the intentional modification and abuse, whilst glitches are unintentional but can still be abused. Below are glitches that can be found in Watch Dogs. Minor bugs are not included.

Glitches and bugs

Citizen Car Glitch

Where Aiden Pearce steals a citizen's car, or a different case (Video #1 4:19 - 6:31, Video #2 0:00 - 0:10 and 6:36 - 6:51) the citizen will get stuck to the car and stay on the car until they fall off.
I Broke Watch Dogs07:11

I Broke Watch Dogs

All bugs and glitches in this video uploaded by BirgirPall

May Stadium Glitch

A glitch of which you can make your way into the May Stadium (setting for the first mission).
How to get inside the May Stadium!03:15

How to get inside the May Stadium!

This video uploaded by Darien Barbarian

(Video #3)

Car Glitches

If Aiden drives a car over to one of the elevators in the ground and parks on top of it, activate the elevator and the car will glitch into the floor or rocket up in the air. (Video #1 0:11 - 0:16 and 1:39 - 2:38)

Merlaut Glitches

If Aiden puts a tall truck next to the glass overhead of the main entrance of the Merlaut Hotel, he can climb on top of it. He then can climb onto the roof and run around the fence to the right, gaining access to the Merlaut's roof that was only meant to be accessed during one mission. From there, he can enter the building through two open doors, both of which were used during the mission.

If Aiden goes to the north end of the Merlaut and shatters the glass on the far left side of the entrance there, he can walk through the wall and access an unrendered area of the Merlaut. From there, he can see inside the other, intentionally accessible rooms, though another player standing in those rooms would not be able to see him.

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