Mission no.:
Mission 8
Location(s) Umeni Building
Preceded by Connections
Followed by Hold the Line
―Defalt berating Raymond Kenney about his unintentional murders in the Northeast Blackout of 2003.

Ghosts is the first mission of Act 3 of the Watch Dogs: Bad Blood DLC.


The mission starts out behind the Umeni Building, where Defalt was found hiding by Kenney. Once he kills all the Blume guards, he goes upstairs, to not meet Defalt, but his psychopathy—he forces Kenney to walk by mannequins of the 2003 blackout victims, showing all the ways they died. Defalt is laughing all throughout this endeavor, until finally his brother is reached. Kenney is then berated by Defalt. Kenney promptly kicks a screen, while Defalt is laughing maniacally. Defalt then calls fixers in, which Kenney has the option to kill or escape. After the endeavor, Kenney has a phone call with Tobias Frewer.

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