Furnari Automotive
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Furnari Automotive is an automotive manufacturer in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.


Considered as a high-end manufacturer, Furnari specialises in supercars, as seen in the advertisements. Furnari might be a play of the real-life manufacturer Ferrari, though the Scafati GT is more based on a Lamborghini car rather than a Ferrari car.


Image Vehicle Style Based On Notes
Fiammetta Sports car Ferrari LaFerrari
Second generation Ford GT
Livraga 350
Livraga 350 Sports car Ferrari F40
2005 Ford GT
Livraga LE
Livraga LE Sports car Luxury Edition of the Livraga 350.
Scafati GT
Scafati GT Sports car Lamborghini Aventador
Void Dasher Sports car Special variant of the Fiammetta.

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