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Fragile Cargo
Fragile Cargo
Driver SF Mission
Game Watch Dogs 2
Unlocks N/A
Followers Gained 6600-11000
Money Gained $2880-$9600
Difficulty Star Star Star Star Star Shaded

Fragile Cargo is a Driver SF mission in Watch Dogs 2.


Arrive at the initial objective in any vehicle you like; you receive a text from Grace and must drive to the adjacent restaurant parking lot, where you’ll be driving her van, which contains fragile cargo. Follow the GPS north, onto the freeway.

Take it easy! The van has terrible turning and can easily fall off the freeway or crash into other vehicles. Stay to the left until the off-ramp, use boost sparingly, and remotely control other vehicles to get out of your way if necessary. Arrive safely, rather than quickly, for a perfect rating.


  • 1. Freeway restaurant, far south of Oakland.
  • 2. Museum alley, just north of Oakland Superior Court, Oakland.


  • Pick up the client.
  • Get in Grace’s truck.
  • Deliver the cargo without damaging it.

Starting Conditions

Condition Requirement
Complete Mission None
Night or Day Night

Possible Rating Drop

Condition Rating Loss?
Civilians Killed Yes
Vehicle Collisions Yes
Chases Started Yes
Minimum Safe Speed Below 10 km/h; Yes
Maximum Safe Speed No
Vehicle Flipped Yes
Vehicle Airborne No


  • The Cube Truck used in the mission is a special variant, it is found nowhere else in the game.

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