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"Built just before the Civil War, the fort is now an historic site. It was never called upon to defend the Pacific Coast, although it was considered a key element of defense. It's located and the southern side of the Golden Gate bridge."
―In-game description.

Fort Point is a World Location featured in Watch Dogs 2.


Fort Point is located in the utmost northwest of San Francisco. It is directly below the Golden Gate Bridge and north of Baker Beach.


Fort Point, a now abandoned defensive site, is a historical site off the Golden Gate Bridge going into Marin from San Francisco. Coming into Fort Point holds a small parking lot. The building seems to be currently being worked on as many constructive equipment and pavilions can be seen around Fort Point. An American flag can be seen to the north of the structure. Inside the building lies an open area with three floors outlinging the fort, all of them having paralleling stairs and canons facing outward. A small computer room can also be found to the northeast of the compound. Fort Point can be easily accessed by Marcus from multiple entrances, but it is a restricted area during the mission Power to the Sheeple.


  • 1 Money Bag on eastern part of the roof.
  • Key Data; Botnet Savings: City Hacking, small building west of Fort Point, unlocked by Network Bypass.


  • This location appears in the mission Power to the Sheeple and Ghost Signals.
  • This location is based off the real life Fort Point.