For the Portfolio
For the portfolio
Story Mission
Game Watch Dogs
Part of story Act 3, Mission 5
Unlocked by completing The Future is in Blume
Unlocks By Any Means Necessary
Wait a sec! Whoa, whoa, whoa… hang on. For my portfolio.

For the Portfolio is the 35th storyline mission in Watch Dogs, and the 5th mission of Act III.


After Aiden hacks the Blume servers, He calls T-Bone to warn him against Blume gunmen. Then, Aiden takes a Kuruhawa Motorsport 450 and races to save T-Bone. After Aiden comes, he kills the Blume gunmen there with help of T-Bone's crazy robots. Then Aiden kills more incoming guards as T-Bone places bombs to blow up the place. After all bombs are set, T-Bone allows Aiden to detonate them, and the two escape on a boat as the entire place blows up in a giant fiery explosion.

Mission objectives

  • Hurry to T-Bone's junkyard.
  • Eliminate the militia.
  • Regroup with T-Bone.
  • Follow and defend T-Bone.
  • Defend T-Bone.
  • Eliminate the militia to help T-Bone escape.
  • Follow T-Bone to the boat.
  • Escape Pawnee with T-Bone.


  • There is a fairly common glitch toward the end of this mission where T-Bone does not exit cover no matter what you do, making the mission impossible to finish. Usually, quitting the game and continuing will fix this.
    • Another scripting bug will have a small chance to happen when T-Bone doesn't interact with the explosive charges which must be interacted by him to progress. Restarting the mission or last checkpoint usually solves this bug.
  • The song that plays during the battle at the junkyard is "Jesus Built My Hotrod" by Ministry.

Video Walkthrough


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