Focus meter

A full focus meter

Focus is a gameplay mechanic and skill in Watch Dogs.


Focus appears as a level one mechanic in the skills tree and can be subsequently upgraded once the skill has been acquired.

Focus is the ability to slow down time (a simulation of Aiden Pearce's enhanced judgment capability and relatively improved thinking rate). The use of this feature is limited and the amount of it that can be used is measured by a meter on the bottom-left of the game's HUD. Once entirely depleted, the meter will essentially flatline and have no movement whatsoever. The meter does however refill (unit by unit) whilst not in use. Visiting cafés, bars, or newsstands and purchasing certain drinks can also replenishes the Focus meter. Purchasing drinks also extends the Focus bar temporarily.

Focus can be activated at any time and can give Aiden more time to make a decision or help him with accuracy in certain situations where accuracy may be pivotal.


  • Focus can be used while driving, and will enhance a vehicle's handling (as demonstrated by the difference in how well you can corner). It will also give Aiden more time to plan and use hacks.
  • The Achievement/Trophy "Magic Smoke" can be unlocked by killing four enemies in one sequence of Focus.
    • This will also give you 30 Uplay units by completing the action "Fatal Focus".
  • Focus can be used to detect if another player is in your game (either hacking you or tailing you). This works by activating Focus for a second or two, giving one of two verdicts. The first is time slowing down normally. This means that you are alone at the moment. The other verdict is that time is not slowed down, since Focus only works properly while playing in single player mode, it will mean that there's another player in your game (you are temporarily playing in a "multiplayer" mode). This is called the "Focus Trick".