An example of the XP meter

Experience Points, often shortened to XP, is a progression feature that is integrated into Watch Dogs. It is replaced by Followers in Watch Dogs 2.


Experience (XP) will come in the form of points. Points will accumulate on a pop-up bar at the top-right of the HUD. The action that has earned the player points will also be highlighted on the HUD along with the amount of points earned. The bottom half of the cross icon will illuminate, forming an upwards chevron also indicating an increase in points.

After a certain amount of points have been accumulated, the player will level-up and earn Skill Points for having completed a reputation level. Skill points are the currency used to gain new skills, items or perks in the Skills tree.


Points will be awarded for necessary criminal activities and will contribute to increasing a player's experience level. More skillful actions will award the player with more points.


  • Experience can be easily gained by obtaining the L-train hack, standing on/in the train, firing off shots to get someone to call the police, and staying on the train during the chase, hacking the train to keep it moving.
  • Another easy way to gain experience is to fire shots and hide in the Owl Motel, as police cannot enter in.
  • It is possible to reach max level using online hacking from the introduction of multiplayer, however, this is unwise, as if this is done, the player may reach max level with a minuscule amount of skill points, thus rendering them unable to unlock all skills.