Eugene, you're up.
―Ray to Eugene

Eugene is the name of an RC car in the Watch Dogs: Bad Blood DLC, which acts as a feature.


Eugene is a remote-controlled (RC) car, used by Raymond "T-Bone" Kenney. It has the ability to remotely hack into CTOS devices, having a role similar to Aiden Pearce's Profiler. As seen in the trailer, it is phone-controlled, and has a self-destruction mechanism. In the DLC trailer, T-Bone is seen using it in a CTOS Center, driving the robot into an elevator, hacking it, then driving into a computer room and blowing it up once inside.


  • "Eugene" is the middle name of Raymond Kenney, as revealed in the mission T-Bwned, so this is probably where the named derived from.
    • This is given further credibility where, after completing one of the Fixer street sweep missions, Sheila Billings asks what Ray's first name is, and he responds with "Eugene".