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Enforcer Combat Take Down is a Combat Skill available in Watch Dogs


This skill allows Aiden to perform takedowns against Enforcers in combat using his baton. Enforcers are the strongest enemy type in the game, often taking multiple shots to kill. This skill offers Aiden another way to deal with Enforcers aside from direct gunfire. Enforcers can be identified by their tough armor, deep voice, and red shield icon (once tagged). 


When Aiden performs the takedown he will first hit the Enforcer twice in the head then proceeds to knock his leg. After that, Aiden whacks the Enforcer three times in the head before the Enforcer falls unconscious. The back take down is when Aiden grabs the Enforcer from behind, and the Enforcer falls unconscious. The Enforcer takedown takes a long time to finish so try to get the Enforcer(s) alone to avoid being shot. The forward takedowns take less time to perform.