Enemies can come in different ranks when profiled. Based on their ranks, their tactics and combat abilities vary.

List of enemy ranks


The standard enemy of the game. They don't think smart and they have limited combat skills. They may be lightly armed with a light pistol or a submachine gun. All Crime Prediction System criminals are ranked as gunmen.


An advanced version of a gunman. Their advanced senses allows them more tactics, sometimes moving up to flank. They are armed with better weapons such as assault rifles and shotguns. Sometimes they also carry explosives which can be used as an area of denial tool.


These individuals are highly skilled in combat with better accuracy and advanced tactics. In addition to their skills, they have a bulletproof jacket equipped which allows them to take up more damage. Sometimes elites may have comms which can be hacked to cause an interference.


Armed with laser-guided snipers, marksmen pick off their targets from a distance with their superior accuracy. They have the ability to headshot the player, killing them in one hit. They also have the ability to see the player from far away, if they have not been seen yet.


Enforcers are elite brute soldiers and armed with ATSG-12 or the U100 LMG. With their superior armor, they can move up on the player without taking cover and they can soak up lots of damage. Because of their armor, taking down an Enforcer requires the Enforcer Combat Take Down skill. Enforcers sometimes may have comms installed into their helmets, which can be hacked to cause an interference. Enforcers will also boast about their body armor during combat.

Ranks per Faction

Faction Ranks

Additional Ranks During Campaign

Chicago PD

Gunman, Veteran, Marksman

SWAT Elite, Enforcer N/A
Chicago South Club Gunman, Veteran Marksman, Elite, Enforcer
Black Viceroys Gunman, Veteran Marksman, Elite, Enforcer

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