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Dušan Nemec
Full name Dušan Nemec
Status Alive (Incarcerated)
Born in Yugoslavia
Nationality Yugoslavian-American
Residence San Francisco
Affiliation(s) Blume Corporation
Profession Chief Technology Officer (formerly)
Voice Actor Christopher Jacot
Appears in Watch Dogs 2
You're fighting a war nobody gives a shit about. You're so aggressive, so indignant. Oh-oh-oh, and there's a warrant out for your arrest.
―Dušan to Marcus

Dušan Nemec (pronounced doo•SHAN) is the main antagonist of Watch Dogs 2. A business leader, Dušan was the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Blume Corporation, and ultimately controls CTOS 2.0.


Before Watch Dogs 2

Dušan Nemec was born in Yugoslavia in the 1990s and moved to America at a young age. He grew up on the internet, loving the experience, and preferring to talk on chat boards over real life interaction. He preferred learning how to program over sports, and his heroes weren't sports or athletes but programmers in Silicon Valley. His technology made him the city's newest young billionaire, while his charm, skill and transformation turned him into the chief technology officer at Blume. He prefers data over weakness.

Events of Watch Dogs 2

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Dušan ironically chose to support DedSec without their knowledge, for them to serve as a boogeyman to help him recruit major companies into his satellite-based web security system (which would ultimately allow Dušan to see, use and sell their data for his personal gain). He went as far as to artificially inflate their number of social media supporters, which he admitted to and rescinded when he first confronted Marcus in Looking Glass. However, Marcus and the rest of DedSec eventually gathered enough evidence of Dušan's plot to have Dušan arrested.


Nemec has a full black beard, along with a man-bun to go with it. He wears a grey Blume Corporation T-shirt. He has gray jogging pants and gray slide-on shoes, to match his shirt. He also has a smart watch on his right arm. Dušan is taller than most characters, such as Marcus. He lacks any defined or pronounced posterior. He is almost always seen with a bluetooth earpiece.

Skills and Abilities

  • Master Strategist: He was able to manipulate DedSec into causing a panic in Silicon Valley, which instead of turning people against CTOS, got them to buy the system instead.
  • Vast Resources: Aside from having power over Blume Corporation's near limitless resources, he himself has vast resources as well. His income is $110,029,000. This gives him a massive stash of funds at his disposal. His wealth enabled him to hire private security contractors (Umeni-Zulu), the police and even corrupt FBI agents to do his bidding.
  • Combat Skills: He was able to cause the CEO of HAUM to shut up with a karate chop to the throat, which possibly damaged the latter's vocal cords as he had difficulty speaking. He is almost always seen in some kind of physical training.
  • Hacking Skills: He has said to Raymond Kenney that he kept modifying the original CTOS to better serve his purpose.
  • CTOS 2.0 Manipulation: As the Chief Technology Officer of Blume Corporation, he has absolute control over CTOS 2.0.


  • The name "Dušan Nemec" is of Slavic origin. Dušan is a Slavic given name primarily recorded among the Serbs, Macedonians, Czechs and Slovaks. The name is derived from the Slavic noun duša (pronounced doo•sha), which on English means "soul".
  • According to Dušan's profile, he makes $110,029,000 a year, which gives him the second highest income for any character in the Watch Dogs series, falling almost $1.6 billion short of Gene Carcani, whose income is listed at $1,705,032,700.
    • Prior to him, Dermot Quinn had the highest income, at $10,022,700 a year.
  • Dusan is widely believed to be partially based on Google co-founder Sergey Brin. Among many other similarities, both are of Eastern European heritage and avidly practice yoga.
  • He is voiced by Christopher Jacot, the same actor who voiced Maurice Vega in the first game.