Dressed in Peels
Dressed in Peels
Story Mission
Game Watch Dogs
Part of story Act 1, Mission 12
Target Raul Lionzo
Unlocked by completing A Wrench in the Works
Unlocks Hold On, Kiddo
"You're inside. How did you get inside?"
Raul Lionzo

Dressed in Peels is the twelfth storyline mission in Watch Dogs, and the final mission of Act I.


After killing Angelo Tucci, Aiden enters the Palin Correctional Center with a gun, forcing the police to arrest him. After a guard, who works for Jordi Chin, secretly gives Aiden his phone and baton under his clothes, the cops take Aiden to a cell. After hacking cameras to open his cell, Aiden finds Raul Lionzo, the stadium survivor that Jordi stabs in the prologue mission, Aiden sees that there are corrupt guards that were sent to get Raul killed, Aiden kills the guards and an Enforcer to get to Raul. As Aiden meets with Raul, he threatens him to not tell Aiden's ID to cops. After the talk, Jordi calls Aiden to say he left a "package" that contains Aiden's guns, ammo and his clothes. After taking his guns and clothes, Aiden goes outside and finds that he is wanted, with 4 Heat Levels. He escapes, and the mission ends.

Mission objectives

  • Escape your cell.
  • Locate the survivor.
  • Access the network to view the exercise yard.
  • Find the stadium survivor: Raul Lionzo.
  • Get to the survivor in the basement.
  • Take out the corrupt guards
  • Confront the survivor.
  • Exit the prison.
  • Escape the Police.

Strategy tips

When you escape your cell, make sure you camera tag guards to see where they go. When you go down to basement (where they beat Raul), make sure you get the M1014 there and watch out for enforcer. To kill enforcer, show yourself and get in the little room where an Ammo Bag stays. When enforcer comes, just blow the junction box there and it's done.

Escaping the police at the end is probably the hardest part. Luckily, you are close to the train station. After Jordi calls you, don't wait for anything. Leave the prison immediately, before the police even arrives to the entrance. If you wait even a few seconds, police cars arrive and you won't be able to run around them unharmed.

If you decide to do this the hard way, you can. Just open the door, show yourself for a second and wait. The cops will come into the building one by one (or in small groups at worst).

A strategy for an easy escape is to, after walking outside, take down the helicopter, the police, and any reinforcements they have. Then, take the car parked by the prison door, get enough speed, drive off the ramp on the other side of the roof, and land on the train tracks. The police will not notice you if you stay on the tracks.

If you are having a hard time escaping, use a boat at the nearest port.


  • Because Aiden changed his ID when he got into the prison, his CTOS profile is different. It will say: Joe Smith, Recent Assault Conviction, Pool Cleaner, $15,700 income.

Video Walkthrough



  • As Aiden enters the prison and gets arrested, the song Never Again by Danko Jones can be heard playing.
  • The prisoners in the cell cannot be profiled with Aiden's smartphone.
    • The prisoner being taken into his cell visible from Aiden's cell not only has a randomized profile, it actually changes to an entirely different profile once the player clicks the button to look through the window.
  • This mission marks the first appearance of the Enforcer type enemies in the game. 
  • Many of the guards have unique names and additional information if profiled. Their incomes are random, and all share the same information of having a hidden camera and the occupation of prison guard.
    • Martin Malich. Neighbourhood Watch coordinator.
    • Chuck Colcord. Recent bereavement leave.
    • Dobry Babicz. Teaches Judo.
    • Bruce Dollar. Former bouncer.
    • Antonio Current. Charity Jogger.
    • Joachim Finegold. Scored 150 on IQ test.
    • Yan Samudio. Trained in hostage negotiation.
  • The two corrupt guards interrogating Raul Lionzo can be identified with the profiler as Kyle Chagger (43 years old, cited for violent behaviour) and Sanjay Nayar (47 years old, pending psychiatric evaluation).


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