Dot ConneXion logo.

"I hope you enjoy viewing, listening, and interacting with the pieces as much as I enjoy putting them together."
―Joseph DeMarco

The Dot ConneXion was an art exposition sponsored by popular and eccentric philanthropist Joseph DeMarco and coordinated by Mary Blass. Several modern and digital artists featured included Joy Ndidi Adebayo and Simon Mitchell. This gallery took place at the Ambrose Theatre in Chicago, Illinois. Its goal is to bring together the most influential young artists at the forefront of the digital art movement called the dotConnexion Collective.

Watch Dogs

During the events of Watch Dogs, Aiden Pearce snuck into the Theater to stop Defalt, a hacker and DJ (Disc Jockey) that hacked into The Bunker.

A WKZ TV reporter can be seen in front of the entrance covering the exposition event.

Known Sponsors

Known Art Pieces


  • The Dot ConneXion expo has its own viral website: The URL of the website can also be obtained by scanning the QR Code that appears in the E3 Gameplay Video.
  • On Tuesday, June 28, 2012, the viral website announced in its main page as well as in a viral marketing email that "Joseph DeMarco passed away in a tragic, yet unexplained accident". And that, "Out of respect for his friends and family, the Dot ConneXion exhibition will be cancelled."

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