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The city of Chicago is separated into six districts. Each has a CtOS Control Center that controls each function of the district. A district cannot be hacked unless the player gains control of a CtOS Control Center in that particular district.

List of districts

The creative director of Watch Dogs has confirmed that there will be six districts.

  • The Wards - A rundown district full of lowly thugs and lawlessness.
  • Brandon Docks - The main industrial area of Chicago.
  • Parker Square  - The suburban area of Chicago with many residential houses, a baseball stadium, and more.
  • Mad Mile  - A Downtown district in Chicago, north of The Loop. It is the most wealthy district in Chicago and is characterised by modern architecture.
  • The Loop - A Downtown district named after the shape of the train track which runs around it. It is the second most wealthy district in Chicago.
  • Pawnee - The rural countryside district in the north-west corner of Chicago.

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