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Disable Helicopter is a Hacking Skill available in Watch Dogs. When the player is being chased by a police/enemy helicopter, they can temporarily disable it for 15 seconds (30 seconds if Improved Disable Helicopter is purchased) allowing the player to take out the helicopter's sniper as it slowly tries to regain control.

The hack requires two battery slots and can be performed by aiming at the helicopter and hacking it. While disabled, the helicopter will remain stationary and will not pursue the player. Eventually, they will fly away, citing technical difficulties.


  • During pursuits involving helicopters, when the player gets discovered again in search mode whilst the helicopter is disabled, the helicopter will "magically"retain its control and continue to chase the player, breaking the hacking skill's rule.
  • If the player loses heat while a helicopter is disabled, it will retain its control and will fly away. While flying away, it cannot be hacked anymore.

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