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Daredevil Liv!
Daredevil! Liv!
Driver SF Mission
Game Watch Dogs 2
Unlocks Liv Again
Followers Gained 6600-11000
Money Gained $2880-$9600
Difficulty Star Star Star Star Shaded Star Shaded

Daredevil Liv! is a Driver SF mission in Watch Dogs 2.


Pick up Liv, drive her to the Coit Tower roundabout, and then follow her crazy GPS route through town. Launch high off ramps, gaining maximum air as you go. Constantly check your minimap to see corners coming up.

Choose a vehicle that has good stability when cornering and landing. Remember to right the car in the air so it lands on all four wheels. When the daredevil jumping begins, your rating is one, but this increases the more air you get. Therefore, line up each ramp, boost, and land properly to ensure a five-star rating. Also gain extra air by boosting over hilly road junctions.



  • Pick up the client.
  • Drive Liv to the Coit Tower roundabout.
  • Get as much air time as possible.
  • Drop Liv off.

Starting Conditions

Condition Requirement
Complete Mission None
Night or Day None

Possible Rating Drop

Condition Rating Loss?
Civilians Killed Yes
Vehicle Collisions No
Chases Started Yes
Minimum Safe Speed Below 18 km/h; Yes
Maximum Safe Speed No
Vehicle Flipped No
Vehicle Airborne Under 25 Meters; Yes

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