Danny SoSueMe
Status Determinant
Nationality North American
Residence Chicago
Affiliation(s) Chicago South Club
Profession Internet entrepreneur
Appears in Watch Dogs

Danny SoSueMe is a character that appears in Watch Dogs.


The character is a well-known Internet entrepreneur and data broker who become lavishly wealthy by collecting and selling information on thousands of Chicago residents.

During the events of Watch Dogs, the FBI exposes him for stealing information from ctOS and notifies the Chicago Police Department, which authorizes an arrest warrant for fraud and cyber theft. In response, he hacks into DedSec's servers and steals their files on Aiden Pearce and his family. Knowing that he is planning to use them to secure a deal with police, Aiden raids his mansion, kills his guards, and hacks his laptop, learning that he got the files by posing as WKZ reporter Margaret Anderson, and has 10 backup copies on Black Market Hard Drives throughout the city. Unfortunately, he trips an intruder alarm and tips off SoSueMe, who sends his men to cover him while he makes a getaway attempt. Aiden was able to either kill or take down Danny SoSueMe in the following chase, and wipe out all 10 backups to ensure that his family stays safe.


  • Danny's last name, SoSueMe, is obviously a joke - "So Sue Me" - indicating his cavalier attitude towards the consequences of hacking and privacy invasion. The Profiler indicates SoSueMe as his last name as well, suggesting that he may or may not have been able to hack and alter information in the Profiler like Defalt.
  • Profiling him also reveals that he has an income $30,008,000.
  • After Aiden tracked down all 10 backups of SoSueMe, he wondered to himself "Why did DedSec have them in the first place?" However, Aiden was unable to get any answers so far.

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