Watch Dogs White Hat Pack Add On Part Three DELETE08:10

Watch Dogs White Hat Pack Add On Part Three DELETE

DELETE is an exclusive mission in Watch Dogs, part of the White Hat Pack.


Aiden Pearce only has one more target, he has been sent the location of the target but the police have found Aiden's location, and they are stopping at nothing to make sure he doesn't get there.


  • DedSec: One more target. One more set of access data. However, Umeni has endless uh oh. You have company. Get out of there!

After uploading data

  • DedSec: We like your kind. The kind that doesn't ask to many question and drives really crazy. You've earned our respect. We're bowing right now. We thank you for your efforts. Will you join us for our celebration?


  • The names of the four missions in this pack are a reference to the combination of keys pressed (CTRL, ALT, DELETE) to perform an emergency shutdown (SHUTDOWN) of the Windows operating system in case a normal shutdown cannot be done.
  • If you finish the last mission (SHUTDOWN), you will be given an extra battery.
  • Around 40% into retrieving the data reinforcements will be called.

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