DB and R Weaponsmiths

Aiden Pearce visiting DB&R weaponsmiths.

DB&R Weaponsmiths is a weapon shop that appears in Watch Dogs.



The exterior and interior of the store features a classic theme, with historic cannons, cannonballs, and a number of famous, now defunct weapons from past eras.


The shop is described as being "firearm dealers and hunting supplies". The shops will stock weaponry that Aiden Pearce can purchase. Weapons range from handguns up to high-caliber sniper rifles and grenade launchers.



  • On display, an AK-47 with a retractable stock, an MP7A1, and a SPAS-12 with a folding stock can be seen, though these weapons are unobtainable.
  • During the gameplay trailer, the browsing menu revealed cartridges were incorrectly referred to as bullets.
    • During the same trailer, detachable magazines were incorrectly referred to as detachable cartridges.
  • It also appears that only 9mm cartridges can be purchased for SMGs, even with the presence of the MP7A1 and Vector SMG.
  • There are also Military Outfits in the store on mannequin body stands, however they are not available for purchase and are for means of decoration.

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