The CTOS Mobile App is the companion app for Watch Dogs, released on May 27, 2014 for iOS and Android systems release.


On the app, the player controls the Chicago Police Department, with access to a helicopter that can deploy police forces and control CTOS apps such as traffic lights or blockers. The player can dispatch police vehicles such as cruisers, SUVs, and, SWAT SUVs. During gameplay, while the player on the console is trying to get through check points throughout Chicago, the mobile player is using all hacks that Aiden Pearce can and to try to stop the console player from getting to each checkpoint.


When a CTOS Mobile Contract is accepted, Aiden is placed in a car and must drive through several checkpoints around Chicago while the mobile player controls a helicopter that can deploy police cars and can also manipulate CTOS apps to halt Aiden. The Online Contract varies between a standard Race that must reach every checkpoint in order and shows the GPS path on the road, and a Free Ride that shows all checkpoints and can be completed in any order and disables the GPS.

The mobile player uses Heat Points to deploy police forces and use CTOS apps. Heat Points can only be acquired through these means:

  1. Targeting the spotlight on Aiden - Gives one Heat Point per four seconds (three seconds if the Boiling Point Skill is unlocked).
  2. Civilian casualties - Gives two Heat Points per civilian.
  3. Police casualties - Gives two Heat Points per officer.
  4. Police takedowns - Gives two Heat Points per officer.
  5. Police car totaled - Gives one Heat Point per car.
  6. Carjacking - Gives two Heat Points.
  7. Helicopter destroyed - Gives two Heat Points.
  8. Sniper killed - Gives two Heat Points.

The mobile player can use all CTOS apps in Chicago, including traffic lights, blockers, gates, road spikes, and bridges. Steam pipes, however, must be unlocked with Skill Points. However, Aiden can also use these apps against the police force if they have not been hacked by the mobile player already, including hacking the helicopter which cuts its health in half and stuns it momentarily. The mobile player can also deploy police forces, such as patrol cars, interceptors, SUVs, and SWAT SUVs.


  • Despite being a real life companion app to the game, it is mentioned in both Watch_Dogs games:
    • In Watch Dogs, there are occasional billboards that promote the app.
    • In the side mission Infected Bytes of Watch Dogs 2, it is mentioned when Marcus becomes a victim of the Zombi2 virus developed by HaDoCk, and is distributed through a false update for the app.