CTOS Control Centers appear as strongholds in Watch Dogs.


Control centers are essentially large server rooms that store data for the CTOS. These server rooms will be stored in one main building, which will have a number of supercomputers operating together. Access into a center's computers is only possible with the use of an access code. Once access has been gained to the server room, the player can install a backdoor virus and then access all of the information and services that the control center has already stored and continues to gather.

Each control center only serves areas within a certain distance. Between control centers, CTOS towers are placed which are used for transfer of masses of data. Each of the control centers are heavily guarded by security contractors hired by the Blume Corporation. These guards may not be entirely innocent people, as some of their profiles may suggest. Also, they may take fire on intruders.


In order for Aiden to access the information stored in the center, from a safe distance, he must profile the guards for an access code. Once the access code is found, all security guards must then be eliminated (however the player sees fit; stealth, force, or a mix of the two) or sneaked by (though this method is more challenging).

Once the guards are eliminated, or passed, Aiden then uses the center's Wi-Fi and cameras to install a backdoor virus onto a central supercomputer. Once installed, the control center objective is completed.




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