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Core Dump Pistol
Slot Sidearm
Weapon Type Semi-Auto Pistol
Weapon Rating Star Star Shaded Star Shaded Star Shaded Star Shaded
Damage Low-
Fire Rate Medium
Range Lowest-
Stability High+
Reload Speed Medium
Ammo Capacity 8 per magazine
Price $40,500 (3D Printer)
Appears in Watch Dogs 2
A vicious suppressed pistol, inspired by a similar pistol which tore through Chicago's criminal underworld, circa 2014.
―In-game description.

The Core Dump Pistol is a weapon in Watch Dogs 2.


The Core Dump Pistol is the suppressed variant of the 4N00bs Pistol, which also equips a functional scope for greater zoom. It deals less damage than the normal pistol, but makes up for its stability. It range appears to be slightly reduced as well. Judging that the 4N00bs Pistol is the counterpart of the 1911, the Core Dump Pistol is the counterpart of the Spec Ops 1911.


  • Suppressor: Gunshot range reduced to 16m.
  • Scoped: Use scope view with left thumbstick while aiming.
  • Auto-Tag Bullets: Automatically tags any enemy NPC near a target killed with this gun.


  • The in-game description of the weapon is a reference to Watch Dogs, as Aiden uses a Spec Ops 1911 as his signature weapon.
    • Although it is a reference to Aiden Pearce and the events of the first Watch Dogs, the description says "circa 2014", but Watch Dogs takes place in 2013. This could be a developer oversight, or the fact that the game was released in 2014.


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