The Conspiracy! outfit

For the digital trip of the same name, see Conspiracy!.

Conspiracy! is a clothing outfit that appears in Watch Dogs. It can be acquired from the Conspiracy! Digital Trip by defeating the 16th wave of cyborgs.


The Conspiracy! outfit is an interesting one, being comprised of:

  • A greyish trench coat with blue digital camouflage patterns on the arms, chest and back.
  • A black cap.
  • A very light brown shirt.
  • A pair of light blue jeans.
  • A pair of black shoes with blue accents.
  • A pair of motorcycle gloves.
  • A blue digital camouflage neckwarmer scarf that lacks the logos present on the scarves of other outfits.
  • During the Conspiracy! digital trip, the outfit also has Aiden wearing an electronic cyborg detection device over his right eye which resembles an eyepatch with an integrated bluetooth earpiece.
  • On the left side of the trenchcoat there is a logo of a question mark.