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"Only you can fight and stop the invasion in this Digital Trip."
―In-game description

Conspiracy! is a Digital Trip which tasks Aiden with hunting down robots hidden in crowds with a special lens and eliminating them. It is the only Digital Trip that is downloadable content.


In this digital trip, Aiden has to find invader robots that are disguised as humans. Aiden can see them through his lens. After Aiden profiles robots, a weak spot marked with red appears on the robots. To kill the robots, Aiden has to shoot them on their weak spots.


  • By completing it, the player unlocks the Conspiracy! outfit for Aiden.
  • This Digital Trip can be considered an opposite to the Alone minigame due to fact that the player is the one hunting down robots rather than the opposite.
  • The digital trip also shares similarities with the 1988 movie They Live.
  • The robot vision lens Aiden wears in the Digital Trip has an "N" design. This could be a reference to Nexus, which was Watch Dogs’ original title.

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