A Walker & South clothing store in Watch Dogs, in Chicago.

Clothing stores are businesses that appear in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2. In clothing stores, the player can buy different clothing outfits for their character, and change their outfit to another one already in their possession.

Watch Dogs

There are several different companies that retail clothing. These include:



Watch Dogs 2

In Watch Dogs 2, clothing retail stores play a much more prominent role in the overall gameplay experience. There are over 700 different clothing items, and the customization system allows the player to customize the individual parts of the outfit, rather than selecting from a series of uniforms, as the first Watch Dogs did. In addition to retailers, DedSec also has their own clothing items, which can be purchased at vending machines in hackerspaces.

Aside from retail stores, clothes can also be purchased from kiosks, clothing vending machines, and various world locations all throughout the Bay Area.