Climbax Equipment Company is a company in Watch Dogs 2.


The company specializes in building machineries, such as automated forklifts and scissor lifts. So far, there are three known equipments, in which Marcus can hack, and even drive them around. They seem to incorporate CTOS technology in their machines, which means they are controlled remotely. All of their machines are red with "CLIMBAX" written in white, with warning signs and yellow beacons on them. These machines are normally found in industrial areas, such as warehouses and naval port facilities.

There is also a fourth vehicle, which is a Flatbed Truck that spawns in red with the company's name on it.


Below are the machines made by Climbax which can be hacked by the player:

  • Scissor lifts: Basic elevation equipment. When hacked, the player can raise the structure in order to get access to elevated places, such as tall houses and rooftops.
  • Reach forklifts: Forklifts used for small areas. These have a compact design and can be used to carry small objects, such as pallets.
  • Industrial forklifts: Large forklifts used for heavy work. These have large energy outputs for their forks, which means they can lift and carry heavier objects than their smaller counterpart.
  • Flatbed Truck: A large flatbed truck. They are possibly intended to transport the machines listed above.


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