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Clara Lille
Clara Lille (Concept-Full)
Name Clara Lille
Status Alive
Affiliation Aiden Pearce
Profession: Hacker
Appears in Watch Dogs

Clara Lille is a character in Watch Dogs. She is a member of DedSec and an informant of Aiden Pearce. She also goes under the alias of BadBoy17.[1]

Biography Edit

Clara is the person who introduces Aiden to the high-end smartphone that later goes on to become arguably his most powerful weapon.

Appearance Edit

Clara is a Caucasian female with a slender build. She has long hair that is dyed black, with white highlights. She wears large black stud earring in both ears and has three facial piercings. She also wears black eyeliner. Clara also appears to have tattoos on her upper chest, neck and arms.

Clara wears a low-cut, black DedSec top and above, she wears a black, short-sleeve leather jacket. The cleavage area slightly reveals a black bra. She wears a long necklace and a number of wrist bangles and accessories. Clara's dark-themed appearance is continued by her use of black nail polish/ varnish, with a white star and curve.

Clara wears a large spider-web belt, which is only half visible, this belt is matched to a neatly fitting pair of grey jeans. She also wears black knee-length boots.

Personality and traits Edit

According to the official website, Clara is a seductive and dangerous individual. A highly skilled computer hacker, Clara can bypass most systems and gain access to the most private of information.[2]

She has been described as a French-Canadian woman that Aiden comes across as a part of his story.

Relationships Edit

Aiden Pearce Edit

Main article: Aiden Pearce

At first Clara and Aiden do not trust each other and visible tension can be seen between the two in their early interactions. Though she cannot be trusted, Clara forms an alliance with Aiden, sharing common ground through being hackers.

Further down the line, Clara does begin to build a relationship with Aiden where she does care for him. She visits Aiden to check up on how he's doing, asking "Are you in trouble?" and offering help in case he may need it.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Clara has the same smartphone model as Aiden.
  • Clara is probably inspired by the Swedish fictional computer hacker Lisbeth Salander in both personality and appearance.
  • Clara  means "clear, bright" but also "famous"

References Edit

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