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The Church of the New Dawn, also known as New Dawn, is a religious cult and faction in Watch Dogs 2.


New Dawn is a religious cult, and Watch Dogs' parody of the Church of Scientology. The group is a corrupt scam, intimidating people into their practices for their money, possibly even their life savings. Their Headquarters is just north of Japantown and east of The Tenderloin, where Marcus meets Sitara to sneak in and download files.

New Dawn also owns a place in which Jimmy Siska calls the Red Room (which is inside the New Dawn Facility) to the southeast of the map, left of Crestmont Forest. This is where Marcus frees Jimmy Siska from imprisonment. The New Dawn Temple is to the southeast of the map, north of Crystal Springs Dam. There Marcus meets with Jimmy Siska to sneak in and expose New Dawn for their faux Sumerian tablets, which they based their religion off of, which were just plastic rocks. After they were exposed, New Dawn collapses.

Unlike most companies in Watch Dogs 2 who have hired Umeni, New Dawn has their own security. They wear a white uniform with a grey tie. They wear black utility belts with a holster for a pistol, specifically a P-9mm, their main weapon of choice.


  • New Dawn appears in the mission False Profits.
  • New Dawn exposed Miranda Comay for her Male-to-Female transgender surgery, by releasing her surgery videos to the media. Because of this, Miranda claimed revenge on the New Dawn.
  • Jimmy Siska was a member of the group, but after he was tortured by them, he helped expose the group as a sham.
  • The name is the same as the cult from the 1993 book and later 2000 film Bless the Child.
    • The logo of the Church of the New Dawn is nearly identical to the one in the film as well.