Factions are groups of NPCs in the Watch Dogs series, which range from law enforcement agencies to gangs.

Watch Dogs



Watch Dogs 2

In Watch Dogs 2, factions have been greatly improved on, and different factions will even fight against each other at random.

  • All legal factions will fight on the same side against another faction or the player (example: Umeni and SFPD against Marcus)
  • Any illegal faction will fight any other illegal or legal faction.
  • Sometimes when using the Police Hack on an illegal faction member they will be apprehended by the police without resisting, sometimes they will attack the police resulting in a shootout.
  • If any faction engages the player in combat there will be a message saying "[Faction] has engaged you in combat"
  • If a faction engages another faction in combat there will be a message saying "[Faction] is in conflict with [Faction]"
  • Certain members of factions can call for reinforcements, if the call completes a Vehicle containing 2 passengers (Type of enemy depends on Heat Level).




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