Throughout Chicago, Maurice Vega has left behind eight Burner Phones that he last used before his capture by Aiden Pearce. Hacking into them will unlock decrypted audio logs of Maurice, which reveal his guilt and remorse over his involvement in the death of Lena Pearce and his dilemma surrounding his occupation and his family.

After hacking seven burner phones, the player will unlock the Vespid LE, and it will be available for order in the Car On Demand app. After hacking all eight burner phones, Aiden will reflect on Maurice and begins to empathize with him, however he still holds him responsible for the death of Lena. The player will also receive the "Sanity Check" achievement/trophy.

These logs can be found at Audio Logs app in the smartphone once they're unlocked.


  • The first phone can be found at the start of the game immediately to your right in the locker room of May Stadium.
  • The second phone can be found in the right guard tower in the courtyard of Rossi-Fremont in The Wards.
  • The third phone can be found on a desk in the second floor of a warehouse on the east side of Brandon Docks.
  • The fourth phone can be found on a dirty mattress in a warehouse on the south side of the Brandon Docks.
  • The fifth phone can be found on a bed near Tobias' Shop in The Loop.
  • The sixth phone can be found on the roof behind the "MOTEL" sign of the Crazy Moose Inn at the entrance into Pawnee.
  • The seventh phone can be found on the balcony of a dark blue trailer next to a red trailer with a pink umbrella in the trailer park in the south side of Pawnee.
  • The eighth phone can be found inside a shack with shutters in at a boat shop on the south side of the town in Pawnee.


  • A burner phone refers to a prepaid phone specifically purchased to be used briefly and then replaced so that its user cannot be traced.

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