Brubeck Engines
Brubeck logo 1

Brubeck Engines is an automotive manufacturer in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.


Brubeck manufactures various vehicles, from sedans to SUVs, including some sports cars and muscle cars. It is evidenced that it may be an American company, as its vehicles bear resemblance to General Motors, Chrysler Corporation, and Ford's makes and models.

Brubeck's logo is a heavily stylized, abstract blue or chrome "B".


Image Vehicle Style Based On Notes
Cavale Sedan Sixth generation Chevrolet Caprice
Holden Commodore (VE)Sixth generation Ford Taurus
Also available as a Rapid Cab.
Coast Guard Police Boat Coast Guard Light Vessel
Core-T Sports hatchback First Generation Ford Focus
Crosscountry Series
Crosscountry Series Minivan Third generation Chrysler Voyager
First generation Pontiac Montana
Also available as a Rapid Cab taxi.
Cruiser Sedan Ford Taurus Police Interceptor Available as a CPD/SMAD car (Watch Dogs) or SFPD/OPD (Watch Dogs 2).
Fasto 3-door hatchback Mk V Volkswagen Polo
Mountain King 2-door SUV/Jeep Special variant of the Wildebeest.
Peste Negra Muscle Car Special variant of the Vespid Lowrider.
Polar SUV Chrysler Aspen
Second generation GMC Envoy
Also available as a CPD & SWAT SUV.
Relegate V6
Relegate V6 Coupe Dodge Shadow/Plymouth Sundance
Talos Crossover SUV 2009-2011 Ford Edge Sport
Range Rover Evoque
Originally manufactured by Centaurus in Watch Dogs. Also available in a SFPD police SUV.
Vespid 5.2
Vespid 5.2 Muscle Car Fifth generation Chevrolet Camaro
Third generation Dodge Challenger
Also available as a Madness Car.
Vespid HMI
Vespid HMI Muscle car Second generation Chevrolet Chevelle
First generation Dodge Challenger
Vespid LE
Vespid LE Muscle car Limited Edition of the Vespid HMI.
Vespid Lowrider
Vespid Lowrider Muscle Car Lowrider variant of the Vespid HMI.
Wildbeest roof
Wildebeest 2-door SUV/Jeep Jeep Wrangler TJ
Second Generation Suzuki Jimny

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