Story Mission
Game Watch Dogs
Part of story Act 2, Mission 10
Unlocked by completing Uninvited
Unlocks Mad Mile CTOS Center
"I can't believe what I see, these club guys doing a old-school briefcase change. Do they think they can fool the CTOS?"
―Aiden Pearce, to Clara

Breadcrumbs is the 24th storyline mission in Watch Dogs, and the 10th mission of Act II.


After tracking it, Aiden finds that the briefcase is in a place with Club goons. They start to change the briefcases, but one of the guys throws it in a boat. Aiden tracks the boat by motorcycle to a marina owned by Dermot "Lucky" Quinn. After killing all marina guards, Aiden takes photos of the guest list inside the briefcase and escapes from the marina. Then, Clara calls him and says she found a name that Aiden can disguise with: Nicholas Crispin. Then the mission ends.

Mission objectives

  • Track the auction briefcase and watch for hand-offs.
  • Follow the briefcase unseen.
  • Tail the boat carrying the briefcase.
  • Locate the briefcase unseen.
  • Infiltrate the marina to get the briefcase.
  • Escape the marina.


  • Four of the men handling the briefcases at the beginning of the mission have fixed profiles:
    • Joey Michaels, Soldier for Chicago South Club, Acquitted of threats to Alderman, Occupation: Driver
    • Sean Kelly, Soldier for Chicago South Club, Collects model trains, Occupation: Courier
    • Digby Daniels, Soldier for Chicago South Club, Income supplemented by bowling tournaments, Occupation: Bodyguard
    • Mickey Feeney, Captain for Chicago South Club, Close friend of Lucky Quinn, Occupation: Business Planner

Video Walkthrough


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