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Appears in Watch Dogs 2
Located in Alcatraz Island, Marin, San Francisco, Oakland
Type Russian crime syndicate
Affiliations Auntie Shu Boys
Vehicles Hailkal R
Businesses Human trafficking, arms trafficking, drug trafficking, hacking, data theft, extortion, pornography

The Bratva are a faction in Watch Dogs 2. They are also known as the Russian Mafia and are based on the real life Russian Mafia.


The Bratva, or the Brotherhood, arrived in the 1980s as scouts for the Brighton Beach Mafia in Brooklyn, New York. San Francisco is one of the centers of money laundering operations via Russia and the United States, and they run brothels, traffic drugs and people, and commit other violent crimes, as other mafias do.


The Bratva engage in various criminal activities, mostly related to trafficking and cybercrime. They deal in drugs, arms and human trafficking. During the Human Conditions DLC, the Bratva attempt to extort money from hospitals using ransomware while using it as a distraction for their data theft, being led by Anton Bagdonov. In the No Compromise DLC, they are seen in business with Alan Jablonski—who is under the alias Alejandro Jackofski—a porn director who arranges passports for Russian illegals in exchange for performances.

Mission Appearances

Side Operations:

Crime Hunts:

  • Accelerate This!
  • Russian Bug
  • Command Prompt
  • Spear Phished
  • Gone In A Nano

Driver SF Missions:


  • Anton Bagdonov (Hacker) (Deceased)

Gang Attack

  • Level 1: One gunman armed with handgun and one gunman armed with submachine gun.
  • Level 2: One armored gunman armed with assault rifle and one enforcer armed with an ATSG-12 shotgun.
  • Level 3: Two enforcers with U100 light machine guns.



  • The Bratva sport black and white colors in a similar style to clothing made by the German company Adidas. Adidas manufactured sportswear for the Soviet Olympics team during the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Adidas clothing has since become extremely popular in Russia.
  • In real life, the Russian Mafia is also known as the Bratva, meaning "brotherhood" in Russian.[1]