Brandon Docks CTOS Control Center
Brandon Docks ctOS Control Center
CTOS Control Center Mission
Game Watch Dogs
Part of story Act 2, Mission 1 1/2
Unlocked by completing Hold On, Kiddo
Unlocks Breakable Things

Brandon Docks CTOS Control Center is a CTOS Control Center mission in Watch Dogs. As the title suggests, it involves hacking a CTOS Control Center in order to gain access to the CTOS at Brandon Docks. It is technically the thirteenth-and-a-half mission in Watch Dogs, and the 1 1/2 mission in Act II.

Mission objectives

  • Buy some crafting components.
  • Locate the guard with the access code.
  • Download access code.
  • Hack the CTOS server.

Strategy tips

You can hack the CTOS without even entering the building, but it is difficult. The access terminal is inside the building in the middle and you can see it from laptop camera, but the view is blocked by some barrels. Exploding an electric device on the side of the building will remove the barrels.


  • The guard with the server room access code has a unique profile, though his income is still randomized: Ha Seung, Fined for animal cruelty, Occupation: Chief Security Contractor.

Video Walkthrough

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