Better Bogen

Bogen is an automotive manufacturer in the Watch Dogs series.


Bogen is a European manufacturer, most likely German given the overt design hints seen across its product line. The design of its logo is a play on real-life manufacturer, Renault, although the manufacturer itself considering their product line takes inspiration from Mercedes-Benz, Ford of Europe and Volkswagen.

The company logo is very simple and linear. The logo consists of two stylized linear "S" shapes. The outer shape is essentially two diagonal adjacent rectangles which have their short edges out of line with each other. Inset on the outer shape is a stylized linear "S" shape.


Image Vehicle Style Based On Notes
Bogen 200
Bogen 200 2-door hatchback Third generation Nissan Micra
First generation Ford Ka
Renamed as 200 EV in Watch Dogs 2
Bogen Bus
Bogen Bus Minibus Volkswagen Type 2 There is a special variant called the Flip Wagon.
Carrozza Sports hatchback Fiat 500 Abarth
Renault Clio Sport
Third generation Mini Cooper S
Audi A1
Gambino Vintage Limousine Mercedes-Benz 600
Rolls-Royce Corniche
Haikal R
Hailkal R Sports coupé BMW M4
BMW M3 E92
Koln 500S
Köln 500S Sedan Mercedes Benz C-class (W204)
BMW 5 Series (E60)
Menschen Vintage Coupe Volkswagen Beetle