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Blume Corporation is a communications technology corporation responsible for implementing CTOS and CTOS 2.0.


Self-described as the "world's foremost innovator of high-tech, high-performance communications and security technology"[1], Blume Corporation specializes in everything from wireless phone operating systems, home computers, to digital imaging processors, and linked-by-network security systems. They take great pride in the fact that they helped create most of the markets they now dominate. Blume stands poised to reshape the way people think about Information Security Architecture (ISA).


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  • One tactic that the Blume Corporation did to win over the populace with the CTOS project was to install free Wi-Fi hotspots across the city.[2]
  • "Blume" (ˈbluːmə) is German for "flower". Although pronounced differently in the game, there might be a connection between the meaning of the word and the corporate symbol.[3]
    • "Bloom", which is how the corporation is pronounced in the game, means for a flower to blossom, further referencing the logo, which resembles a flower.
  • Originally, Blume had its own Security Guards. However, they were cut from the game due to unknown reasons.
  • As seen in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Blume Corporation sent a corporate sales email to Abstergo Entertainment's CCO, Olivier Garneau, in which they advertised CTOS, and offered the possibility of having a localized system installed at Abstergo Entertainment's Montreal facility.


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