For the corporation, see Blume Corporation.

Blume is one of the City Hotspot locations found in Pawnee and is a landmark within Chicago in Watch Dogs.


Besides being the inception of our smart city CTOS network, Blume is involved in lots of high tech research and development. Behind that scary super secret security, we may never known what that tech is. I do, however, try every now and then to sift through their dumpsters and see if I can find a hover car or ray gun.


The following badges are available at this hotspot:

Badge Icon Badge Name Badge Message How to Obtain Mission
Nightcrawler Whoops, Blume must have forgotten to pay the electricity bill. Check in at Blume during a blackout.


  • After the mission "The Future is in Blume" (along with a Fixer Contract, in which you hack the gates to obtain a bike), Blume's front gate (which still identifies that there is a "vulnerability", even though it still cannot be hacked) is inaccessible along with the facility, unless you somehow unlock the side door by achieving a vantage point to which you can hack the box.
  • Instead of normal A.I, the civilians on the premises of Blume are employees, as indicated by the Profiler.
  • A random crime (Where a criminal commits a crime, and you were not informed of the possible crime by the Remote Profiler) can occur and can be stopped in the courtyard of the Blume facility.
  • Only in the mission "The Future is in Blume" have there been guards on the premises.

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