Aiden arrives in front of Nicole's house.

Aiden Pearce : I haven't been to Nicky's since the funeral. Am I ready ? At Jacks' last birthday, Lena sang off-key Happy Birthday. Full throttle, no-holds barred. Now -- I'm afraid of the silence.

Aiden heads to Nicky's yard

Aiden Pearce : Okay...Here goes.

Aiden sees Nicky and Jackson at the table.

Nicole Pearce : How old are you today ?

Jackson Pearce : Ten.

Nicole Pearce : No...I think you're nine.

Jackson Pearce : I'm ten !

Nicole Pearce : Hummm...nine.

Jackson Pearce : Ten !

Nicole Pearce : Nine.

Jackson Pearce : Ten !

Nicole Pearce : Well in that case you deserve 10 birthday tickles.

Nicole gets behind her son and tickles him, counting to ten. Jackson tells her to stop, laughing.

Nicole Pearce : Ten.

She notices Aiden.

Nicole Pearce : Stay here for a second.

Nicole approaches her brother. Aiden waves at Jackson, who does the same.

Nicole Pearce : So an entire year and --

Aiden Pearce : Late. Yeah I'm sorry Nik. Really.

Nicole Pearce : Come here.

Both hug.

Nicole Pearce : Let's have a look at you. You look older.

Aiden Pearce : Ah nice, thanks for that.

He pushes her. Nicole briefly stares at her son.

Nicole Pearce : It's his first birthday without Lena.

Aiden Pearce : How's he doing ?

Nicole Pearce : Still doesn't talk to anybody but me. Yolanda says it's his way to maintain some sort of control.

Aiden Pearce : Yolanda ?

Nicole Pearce : His therapist. She's helping him. It's good. Just slow.

Aiden Pearce : It's hard but we're gonna get through it.

Nicole Pearce : Uh-hum. Jacks !

Jackson walks to Aiden, with two of his games in the hands.

Aiden Pearce : Hey ! Sorry I'm late. Can I -- Can I get a hug ?

Jackson hugs Aiden Aiden Pearce : Wow ! You are...big !

Jackson smiles.

Aiden Pearce : So hey, what do you got here ?

Jackson gives Aiden a Glitch Wars box.

Aiden Pearce : Wow ! The Healer. Cool ! *to Nicky* You bought him a real toy, huh ?

Nicole Pearce (to Jackson) : Why don't you bring up your toys ? I'm gonna speak with your uncle.

Aiden gives Jackson his toy back.

Aiden Pearce : Yeah, I'll be, I'll be up there in a sec.

Jackson enters the house.

Nicole Pearce : This matters. You being here. I need to make sure things are different.

Aiden Pearce : Things are different. You and Jacks, are the most important people in my life.

Aiden walks with her.

Aiden Pearce : I'm not going to stop watching out for you.

Nicole Pearce : Always the big brother, huh ?

She smiles and pushes him, and enters the house. Aiden follows her.

Aiden Pearce : Last time I was back there, it was Lena's birthday. Jackson adored her. We all did.

Nicole Pearce : You missed all the fun. The kids were playing the "Vigilante" -- imitating that guy they keep talking about on the TV.

Aiden Pearce : Let me guess -- Jacks was the Vigilante.

Nicole Pearce : No, they were all the vigilantes, and I was the only villain, but I make a mean bad guy. I gave 'em hell.

Aiden Pearce : I should've come earlier. I could've warned them. Don't mess with my sister.

Nicole Pearce : Remember when you and Mom were both sick as dogs, but Dad insisted his boy was going to have his birthday cake ? That thing was an abomination -- all burnt and lopsided. That was dad in a nutshell. He did a lot of ugly things, but it was always about family. Ugh. Listen to me, I'm rambling...

Nicole receives a call.

Nicole Pearce : Oh really ? No, don't let me interrupt you. Who is this ? You think blocking caller ID will hide you ? I don't know what's very entertaining, but the police won't find it very funny at all. I'm going to give you some advice, are you listening ? Go outside. Meet people. Get a life, and stop calling me. Listen, the police can trace this call.

Aiden hacks in her phone to listen the conversation.

Unknown Caller : I know where you live...How are the locks on those doors ?

Nicole Pearce : Who is this ? Why are you calling ?

Unknown Caller : Do you feel safe, Nicky ?

Aiden Pearce : Who was that ?

Nicole Pearce : It doesn't matter. Just some stupid crank. It happens.

She checks the door locks.

Nicole Pearce : Do you think this is strong enough ?

Aiden Pearce : Look...did you know his voice ?

Nicole Pearce : Jesus, Aiden, just leave it. It's fine.

Aiden Pearce : It's fine ? He thinks he can get inside ?

Nicole Pearce : How do you know what he thinks ?

Aiden Pearce : You're checking the locks !

Nicole Pearce : Look...I can handle on my own. We do not need your help.

Aiden Pearce : Nicky, I can find this guy.

Nicole Pearce : Okay, look Aiden ! God, you haven't changed at all, we do not need your help. Please stop trying to fix our problems. Every time you try, you just make things worse ! Jackson looks terrified at his mother and uncle's argument." Aiden Pearce : I better go.

Nicole Pearce : Yeah, I think that's a good idea.

He leaves. Nicole stares at her son.

Aiden Pearce : Grown man making crank calls. Let's see how safe you feel when I trace your call.

Aiden traces the caller to a nearby street. The signal's moving.

Aiden Pearce : Dammit, he's on the move !

While chasing the man, Nicole calls him.

Aiden Pearce : Yeah ?

Nicole Pearce : I'm sorry, I over-reacted. You just make me crazy sometimes.

Aiden Pearce : Uh-huh.

Nicole Pearce : Come on back, okay ? I promise I won't freak out on you.

Aiden Pearce : Uh.

Nicole Pearce : Aiden. You're going after that creep, aren't you ?

Aiden Pearce : Well...

Nicole Pearce : You're doing it right now, I can't believe you !

Aiden Pearce : It's not like that...

Nicole Pearce : Stop being a hero, Aiden. Let it go.

Aiden Pearce : Let what ? Yeah, the call's breaking up, I can't hear you !

Nicole Pearce : You can hear me perfectly. You need to stop right now.

Aiden Pearce : Yeah, hello ? You still there ? Can't hear you. Okay, gotta go !

Aiden stops the man's car and uses his baton to knock him unconscious. He hacks his phone.

Unknown : So we have a deal ?

Man : Shit, yeah. I can't believe you're paying me that much just to make a crank call ! Nicky Pearce, right ? I'll mention the locks like you said...and her kid. This feels wrong.

Unknown : That's the point.

Aiden Pearce : Someone paid this asshole to harass Nicky. Who would pay for something like that ?

Aiden calls BadBoy.

Aiden Pearce : Hey, did you get anywhere with DedSec ? I need those ctOS hacks.

BadBoy17 : Yeah I'm still trying. They're checking you out. Give me time.

Aiden Pearce : Okay well I need your help then. Can you trace a phone call ?

BadBoy17 : How can I refuse my best client ? Wait...what am I looking at there ?

Aiden Pearce : It's from a guy who threatened my family. I want to know who hired him.

BadBoy17 : Well the call came somewhere from the Loop district. But that's as far as I can see.

Aiden Pearce : Okay, if I can hack ctOS inside the Loop --

BadBoy17 : Then I should be able to pinpoint the source of the call.

Aiden Pearce : Let's do that. Blume's building a new ctOS center in the Loop. It's perfect.

BadBoy17 : DedSec tried to attack that center. We failed -- and they just added more armed guards so it won't be easy. Be careful.

Aiden Pearce : You sound like my sister. Relax, I'll make sure I'm armed and dangerous.

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