Big Brother
Story Mission
Game Watch Dogs
Part of story Act 1, Mission 3
Unlocked by completing They Can't Hide
Unlocks Foresight
Transcript Big Brother/Transcript
Always the big brother, huh?
Nicole Pearce to Aiden Pearce.

Big Brother is the third storyline mission in Watch Dogs.

Mission plot

Aiden Pearce arrives at Nicky's home just in time for Jackson's birthday. As he arrives, he's welcomed by both his sister and nephew, both of whom he hugs. Nicky says that Jackson do not speak to anyone but her, and that he receives great help from Yolanda, his therapist. Aiden and Nicky then join Jackson inside the house.

Nicky then tells her brother about the party. She says that the kids played the Vigilante, and the bad guy was Nicky herself. Both then talk about their father. Nicky then receives a call. After a moment, Nicky mentions the police, which attracts Aiden who hacks her phone to listen the conversation. He discovers that his sister is threatened by an unknown caller, who says he knows where Nicky lives and ask her if her locks are solid enough. Nicky then check the locks. Aiden asks his sister who was the caller and offers his help to track him down. She however declines. Aiden decides to leave.

As he leaves, Aiden tracks the caller, which is nearby. The caller try to flee in a car, and is chased by Aiden. During the chase, Nicky calls Aiden and ask him to give up, but he ignores her. He finally neutralize the caller's car and knock him down. Aiden hacks the caller's phone and discovers that he was paid by another unknown man to harass Nicky.

Aiden then calls BadBoy17 to ask him to trace the call. The call, however, comes from the Loop district. Aiden must now unlock the ctOS access to the Loop district to trace the caller. Foresight is then unlocked.

Mission objectives

  • Join the party in the backyard.
  • Head inside Nicky's home.
  • Listen in on Nicky's phone.
  • Take down the suspect.
  • Hack the caller's phone for answers.


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Aiden bigbrother

Aiden's profile in the mission

  • If the player profiles Aiden using Nicky's surveillance camera, it will read Aiden Pearce, 39, but will give NO RECORD for job. In any other mission, it reads ERROR in every field.
    • Killing the caller will count as a civilian kill, and will lower the player's reputation. It is then advised to perform a takedown on him, as doing so will not affect the player's reputation.
  • In Jackson's room, it is possible to find a rabbit toy that, when hacked, will make some sounds. The rabbit is based on the Ravid Rabbids, characters created by Ubisoft that makes appearances in their Rayman games.
    • A copy of Assassin's Creed can also be found on his shelf.
  • Jackson can be seen playing Child of Light, another Ubisoft game, on his tablet.

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