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Through the development of Watch Dogs 2, several features were seen in a Beta form, where they were either cut or redesigned into an existent feature. Most of these can be seen in the E3 2016 Gameplay Demo.

List of Beta Features

  • Nighttime was darker and light pollution was more prominent.
  • The Stealth Takedown from the first Watch Dogs existed. The animation is present in game files.
  • The cutscene at the end of the E3 demo was cut in the final game, but the animations are still present in the game files.
  • The phone interface was changed and updated twice.
  • The HUD was altered in the Alpha version of the game.
  • There were more weather variations in Beta, including thunderstorms.
  • The minimap was gray in the alpha stages of game, and the sound effects were different.[1]
  • Privacy Invasions existed, but were cut.
  • Hackable objects, such as Traffic Lights, were displayed on the mini-map.
  • Bicycles existed, but were cut.
  • Clara Lille's outfit was meant to appear as clothing.
  • Tobias Frewer was cut from the game, as his profiler icon exists in game files.
  • An alternate gold outfit for Marcus was removed.[2]
  • Josh originally had a different appearance, and his personality was to be more like Wrench.[3][4]
  • Plainstock was meant to have more clothes from other shops.



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