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"Beached" is a Gang Hideout side mission available in Watch Dogs.


Using his Profiler, Aiden Pearce learned that three Black Viceroys suspected of involvement in a recent bombing had fled to Pawnee to escape the jurisdiction of the Chicago Police Department. Tracking them down to a remote public beach there, he found they had hired members of the Pawnee Militia for protection. By taking care of the guards using stealth tactics, Aiden was able to recapture all three fugitives and return them to the police, thus getting justice for their crimes.


  • The guards with the hidden cameras have fixed profiles:
    • Chaz Barker, Questioned for suspicious mail, Occupation: Pawnee Militia Contractor.
    • Drew Boswell, Survivalist, Occupation: Pawnee Militia Contractor.

Video Gameplay

Watch Dogs Walkthrough - Part 99 - Gang Hideout (Beached)06:52

Watch Dogs Walkthrough - Part 99 - Gang Hideout (Beached)

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