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This illuminated an animated mural placed on grain silos is located at Pier 92 in the Port of San Francisco.
―In-game description.

Bayview Rise is a world location featured in Watch Dogs 2.


Bayview Rise is located in southeastern San Francisco on a small peninsula. It is north of Fury Track and south of Nudle Park.


Bayview Rise is a building made up of old silos. Inside, multiple containers and construction work can be found. An art mural of a colorful sea can be found on the entire wall facing San Francisco. In the outer area a main building connected to the silos along with a small garage. An abandoned train track can also be found near the silos.


  • There is a Drone Race to the south-east of the silos.


  • 3 Paint jobs, one for the RC Jumper and two for the Vehicles. Locations:
    • On the northeast coast of the peninsula, on a rooftop
    • In a small restricted area to immediate east of Bayview Rise, through an RC Jumper opening.
    • The paint job for the Jumper is situated in the large restricted area to the southeast of Bayview Rise.
  • 4 Money Bags