Rich Bank Account profiled

Profiler showing a civilian with a rich bank account after hacking.

Bank Account Theft is an ability of Aiden Pearce's Profiler.


When locked on to a target with the profiler, the player can view the target's information such as name, occupation, income, and a piece of random trivia. The income is the main focus in bank account theft, which indicates the target's overall money earnings. Some civilians have "rich bank accounts", which give significantly higher rewards. Such people can be quickly located with the Profiler Optimization skill.

The player can hack to acquire that target's bank account with a push of the action button. Once the information is acquired, the player can leech money from that person's account by hacking an ATM.


  • The Palace Pack adds the ATM Hack Boost ability, which increases the amount of funds acquired through bank account theft.
  • It should be noted no money as actually stolen until retrieved from the ATM, if the player dies they lose the money hacked unless they took the money from the ATM.